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Window Seat

Tysu x Spencer Hunt

Lofi Album
Window Seat
Tysu x Spencer Hunt

The 6th vinyl of the Lofi Records collection is a collaborative release by Tysu and Spencer Hunt that was released in August this year Window Seatโ€ offers a beautiful selection of mellow beats led by soft guitars and dreamy keys. As the evening gets darker it is time to take a moment for yourself. Turn off all distractions and just enjoy the effortlessly flowing vibrations - on a calm seat by the window

Format 1LP 12" 45rpm 140gr
Quantity 802
Tracks Duration
Detail -

Side A

A1_counting_sheep_final.mp3 A1_counting_sheep_final.mp3
A2_blue_moon_final.mp3 A2_blue_moon_final.mp3
A3_staying_in_final.mp3 A3_staying_in_final.mp3
A4_pink_skies_final.mp3 A4_pink_skies_final.mp3
A5_rainy_day_final.mp3 A5_rainy_day_final.mp3
A6_dusk_final.mp3 A6_dusk_final.mp3

Side B

B5_midnight_final.mp3 B5_midnight_final.mp3
B4_breeze_final.mp3 B4_breeze_final.mp3
B6_letting_go_final.mp3 B6_letting_go_final.mp3
B3_moonwake_final.mp3 B3_moonwake_final.mp3
B2_cloudburst_final.mp3 B2_cloudburst_final.mp3
B1_dawn_final.mp3 B1_dawn_final.mp3
Tysu x Spencer Hunt