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Hidden Treasure

Team Astro

Lofi Album
Hidden Treasure
Team Astro

When adventure calls, Team Astro follows. This time, they’re joined by a fourth companion to uncover some ‘Hidden Treasure’. Rich bass lines combine with warm guitar riffs and laidback pianos in a sweet and rhythmic tracklist to make you feel happy and inspired. Exploring extraterrestrial planets is no easy feat - the sky is falling and there’s danger ahead, but we’ll be alright as long as we stay together. ☄️

Format 1LP 12" 45 rpm 180gr
Quantity 500
Tracks Duration
Detail -

Side A

A1._Team_Astro_ _Intersafe.mp3
A2._Team_Astro_ _Daylight.mp3
A3._Team_Astro_ _2112.mp3

Side B

B1._Team_Astro_ _Jupiter.mp3
B2._Team_Astro_ _Back_to_the_Source.mp3
B3._Team_Astro_ _Final_Destination.mp3
Team Astro