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Distant Worlds III

Purrple Cat

Lofi Album
Distant Worlds III
Purrple Cat

There’s no limit to space exploration - the sea of stars is an endless adventure to be embarked on. Join Purrple Cat as she ventures further than ever into the unknown in “Distant Worlds III”, the triquel of the well-acclaimed series, and an album full of curiosity and dreamy landscapes. Tranquil sounds are characterised by soft guitars, mellow drums and faraway melodies that call out to you, waiting to be discovered beyond the velvety night sky - where to, next? 🪐

Format 1LP 12" 180gr 45 rpm
Quantity 500
Tracks Duration
Detail -

Side A

A1_Anomaly.mp3 A1_Anomaly.mp3
A2_Out_There.mp3 A2_Out_There.mp3
A3_Space_Pirates.mp3 A3_Space_Pirates.mp3
A4_Forgotten_Places.mp3 A4_Forgotten_Places.mp3
A5_Message_From_Home.mp3 A5_Message_From_Home.mp3

Side B

B1_Moonwinds.mp3 B1_Moonwinds.mp3
B2_Exoplanet.mp3 B2_Exoplanet.mp3
B3_Kugelblitz.mp3 B3_Kugelblitz.mp3
B4_Dissipate.mp3 B4_Dissipate.mp3
B5_42.mp3 B5_42.mp3
Purrple Cat