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Between Worlds

No Spirit

Between Worlds
No Spirit

No Spirit is standing on the edge of the universe, contemplating, in his new album “Between Worlds”. The music opens up a gateway to outer space: classical pianos, guitars and synths orbit one another gracefully like planets in a solar system, while mellow drums echo the rhythm of the universe. The shimmering orbs amid the nebulas look so far away, yet all are within your reach - what do you think is on the other side? 🌌

Format 12" 45rpm 180gr
Quantity 500
Tracks Duration
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Side A

A1_No_Spirit_ _In_The_Zone.mp3
A2_No_Spirit_ _Planet_9.mp3
A3_No_Spirit_ _Smoke_Rings_MasterFinal.mp3
A4_No_Spirit_ _Winds_On_Mars.mp3
A5_No_Spirit_ _Mirrors.mp3

Side B

B4_No_Spirit_ _Frozen_in_Time_ft._Tonion.mp3
B3_No_Spirit_x_Flaneur_ _As_Above_So_Below.mp3
B2_No_Spirit_ _7_Suns.mp3
B1_No_Spirit_ _A_While_Ago.mp3
No Spirit