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Forest Kingdom

Mondo Loops

Lofi Album
Forest Kingdom
Mondo Loops

Once upon a time, a great empire conquered the land. Join Mondo Loops on an adventure in his latest album “Forest Kingdom”, the sequel of the “Forest Tales” saga, as he discovers secrets in its ruins. Cinematic drums are layered with intricate melodies and guitars like encrypted messages, with hints of neo-soul and jazz concealed beneath the overgrown ivy. Old legends say remnants of the king’s treasure lay deep beyond the walls, waiting to be unearthed for hundreds of years - perhaps there are clues to their location embedded in the music. 🌿

Format 1LP 12" 180gr 45 rpm
Quantity 500
Tracks Duration
Detail -

Side A

A1_ _Ancient_Map_Master.mp3
A2_ _The_Lasting_Memory_Master.mp3
A3_ _Savoured_Breath_Master.mp3
A4_ _Luthien_s_Song_Master.mp3
A5_ _The_Road_Goes_Even_On_Master.mp3

Side B

B4_ _Overgrown_Piano_Master.mp3
B3_ _Lofi_Lullaby_Master.mp3
B2_ _Desert_Winds_Master.mp3
B1_ _Visions_in_the_swamp_Master.mp3
Mondo Loops