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Lonely Night

Various Artists

Synthwave Compilation
Lonely Night
Various Artists

Step into the shadows and embrace the haunting allure of 'Dark Ambient', a mesmerizing Lofi Girl compilation featuring 36 tracks by 38 artists. Perfect for a nighttime escape, let this collection evoke a sense of mystery and introspection, guiding you through the depths of atmospheric music. From eerie drones to ghostly whispers, "Dark Ambient" sets the perfect mood for late-night contemplation and immersive sonic exploration.

Lonely Night  - Various Artists
2 LP's
33 rpm
180 gr
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Scheduled release date May
Lonely Night  - Various Artists Lonely Night  - Various Artists Lonely Night  - Various Artists Lonely Night  - Various Artists Lonely Night  - Various Artists
Lonely Night  - Various Artists
Lonely Night - Print

Embark on a visual journey with our Collector's Edition Prints! ๐ŸŒŒ

Choose between "Lonely Nights" captures the haunting allure of 'Dark Ambient,' infusing your space with mystery or "Peaceful Day", an illustration immerses your surroundings in the serene ambiance of delicate piano melodies, bringing timeless charm and tranquility to your walls.

Elevate your space with these visual masterpieces that echo immersive sonic exploration and artistic introspection.

Size: 27.56\"x16.14 inches // 70x41cm
320gsm, 100% cotton acid-free watercolor paper

Limited to : 100 units worldwide, with each print individually hand-numbered.

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Side A

Lost In Space Nova Dust
By Your Side Bhxa x Aurenth
Fallen seeyouther.e
Momentum inertia.
felt warm dakota ryder x Umbriel
Cold Thoughts Rooh x Sevenlies
Homesick undercurrent.
The Sun Goes Down Nitewalk x seeyouthere
Veiled khao x bluum

Side B

Hardly There schimmerlicht x Stilte
Darkness Outgrown x pxlse
Senseless seeyouthere
Feel Something moro
Silhouette khao x bluum
The Mist softy x plxo
Unsure Why Nitewalk
Error 404 Itsoktodie
Lonely Streets Mondo Loops

Side C

What We Deserve Nitewalk x disbelief
We d Talk For Hours moro x Brxvs
Lilium Another Silent Weekend
Where Are You Nitewalk x seeyouthere
Frozen Lake Another Silent Weekend x Bitter Blossom
Requiem For A Dying World dream alker
half gone leapyear
Just A Glimpse memoryboy x anemoia.
oceanview nuit polaire
Shimmering omens x Marsh

Side D

Felt Like An Eternity Nitewalk x moro
Nascent schimmerlicht x Stilte
Test of Time seeyouthere
Upward Rain unknown self
longing far.north
Numb Comodo
Breath H.1
Closing In Seeing Stars
Various Artists