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Dreams Of Angels

Goson x Dreamfield

Dreams Of Angels
Goson x Dreamfield

Swedish multiinstrumentalist Goson and international duo Dreamfield collaborate to bring you their latest album “Dreams of Angels”. Listen to a meditative profusion of strings, piano, drums and percussions, mixed with floating guitar layers and vocals that paint dreamy landscapes, as you drift off into a fever dream and arrive in a utopian forest where angels and old gods reside. Feel the warmth on your face of the golden sunlight streaming through the canopy from the heavens above. Neon trails of magic spiralling around the tree barks hint that there’s more to this place than meets the eye. Surrounded by nature, calm your nerves in a tumultuous world and look forward to a peaceful future where dreams come true. 🌼

Format 1LP 42 rpm 180gr 12"
Quantity 500
Tracks Duration
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Side A

A1.Sympatico_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
A2.Like_A_River_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
A3.Broken_Angel_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
A4.Ephemeral_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
A5.Jordan_s_Dream_Goson Dreamfield.mp3

Side B

B5.Allegory_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
B4.Let_It_Out_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
B3.Just_Breathe_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
B2.Believe_In_Yourself_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
B1.Temple_Goson Dreamfield.mp3
Goson x Dreamfield