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A Moment Away

cxlt. x Nuver

Lofi Album
A Moment Away
cxlt. x Nuver

cxlt. and Nuver invite you on an out-of-this-world getaway with their latest album โ€œA Moment Awayโ€. Cinematic piano, synth and drums finished off with crisp sound design immerse you fully in this strange new environment. As the night progresses, the terrain comes to life with spirits of all kinds, and they call out to each other in a strange language. This is a whole new world teeming with stories, youโ€™re a mere visitor - tread carefully so as not to disturb the creatures hidden in the rocks and undergrowth.

Format 1LP 12" 45 rpm 180gr
Quantity 500 Standard Edition
Tracks Duration
Detail -

Side A

A1._Conversations_In_Reverse.mp3 A1._Conversations_In_Reverse.mp3
A2._Miles_Apart.mp3 A2._Miles_Apart.mp3
A3._Time_Travel.mp3 A3._Time_Travel.mp3

Side B

B1._Citylights.mp3 B1._Citylights.mp3
B2._Nightflight.mp3 B2._Nightflight.mp3
B3._Rays_Of_Light.mp3 B3._Rays_Of_Light.mp3
B4._A_Moment_Away.mp3 B4._A_Moment_Away.mp3
cxlt. x Nuver