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Lofi Compilation X Lofi Girl X Lofi Girl

We are thrilled to announce that we're collaborating with to bring to you a brand new compilation, 'Lofi Girl x - Chill beats to play chess to', for the occasion of the Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023 which will be broadcasted on Twitch and Youtube! ๐ŸŽ‰

We're also excited to host two community chess tournaments โ€“ one for the US timezone, another for Europe. These special events will take place on Sunday, December 10th. To participate, simply join our Discord community (link in bio). Stay tuned for more details and get ready to showcase your skills! โ™Ÿ๏ธ

Format 2LP 12โ€ 33 rpm 180gr
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Detail - March X Lofi Girl X Lofi Girl X Lofi Girl X Lofi Girl X Lofi Girl

Side A

A1_No_Spirit_ _Castles.mp3
A2_Team_Astro_ _Lingering.mp3
A3_Blue_Wednesday_ _Gambi.mp3
A4_J_san_ _sandpaper.mp3
A5_xander._ _Cloudy_Passion_w_Carrick.mp3
A6_Kupla_ _Observer.mp3

Side B

B1_epektase_ _clock_s_ticking.mp3
B2_Yasumu_ _Rook.mp3
B3_Kainbeats_ _possibilities.mp3
B4_Casiio_x_Elijah_Lee_ _Patience.mp3
B5_Bcalm___Banks_ _Fianchetto.mp3
B6_Kanisan_x_BIDO_ _comet.mp3

Side C

C1_Mondo_Loops_ _Hikaru_s_Blunder.mp3
C2_Tin._ _76bpm.mp3
C3_Sleepermane___Dontcry_ _En_Passant.mp3
C4_cxlt._ _Daybreak.mp3
C5_towerz___spencer_hunt_ _Isolani.mp3
C6_Dontcry_x_brillion._ _Checkmates.mp3

Side D

D1_amies_ _Rays_Of_Light.mp3
D2_Loafy_Building_ _Rosen_w__after_noon.mp3
D3_Purrple_Cat_ _Introspection.mp3
D4_Dimension_32_ _Behind_A_Smile.mp3
D5_Lucid_Keys_ _The_Sleeping_Bishop.mp3
D6_Hoogway_ _The_Missing_Pawn.mp3