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After All

amies x cxlt.

Lofi Album
After All
amies x cxlt.

Dutch producers amies and cxlt. have trekked a long way to deliver you their latest album โ€œAfter Allโ€. A multitude of instruments is meticulously crafted and layered to form an orchestra of pure bliss and immersion. Breathe out a sigh of relief, and take a second to appreciate the mountains that stretch out majestically for miles on either side of the valley below, the sweeping slopes carving an intricate pattern in the terrain. Somewhere in the distance, the sound of strings lifting from the snowy blanket of clouds is beckoning, but for now, live in the present - in the end, itโ€™s moments like these that make the journey worthwhile.

Format 1LP 12" 45 rpm 180g
Quantity 500
Tracks Duration
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Side A

A1_ _Find_Your_Path.mp3
A2_ _Fragments.mp3
A3_ _Looking_Through.mp3
A4_ _The_Other_Side.mp3

Side B

B1_ _From_Within.mp3
B2_ _Break_Away.mp3
B3_ _After_All.mp3
amies x cxlt.