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Tales from Babylon

Nadav Cohen

Tales from Babylon
Nadav Cohen

Nadav Cohen pays homage to his multicultural roots in his biggest project yet: ‘Tales from Babylon’. Divided into 3 chapters, the tracklist evolves meaningfully based on his cultural understandings, brimming with worldly elements that sound perfectly in harmony and transport you to new continents - from the Oud of the Middle Eastern desert plains to the djembe and wrist shakers of Africa. Come sit on the rug among the assortment of personal treasures, and play music to your heart’s content against the setting sun. 🐪

Format 1LP 12" 180gr 45rpm
Quantity 500
Tracks Duration
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Side A

A1._Sunrise_over_Casablanca.mp3 A1._Sunrise_over_Casablanca.mp3
A2._Marrakesh.mp3 A2._Marrakesh.mp3
A3._Ascending_to_heaven.mp3 A3._Ascending_to_heaven.mp3
A4._Blessing_in_disguise.mp3 A4._Blessing_in_disguise.mp3
A5._Saba.mp3 A5._Saba.mp3

Side B

B6._Ouyouni.mp3 B6._Ouyouni.mp3
B2._Voice_of_my_ancestors.mp3 B2._Voice_of_my_ancestors.mp3
B1._Soul_of_the_desert.mp3 B1._Soul_of_the_desert.mp3
B3._Tziporrah.mp3 B3._Tziporrah.mp3
B4._Flying_Colours.mp3 B4._Flying_Colours.mp3
B5._1935_Baghdad.mp3 B5._1935_Baghdad.mp3
Nadav Cohen